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For STRESSED OUT parents of college-bound teens who suspect they're not getting the whole story about how to qualify for grants and scholarships...and what it REALLY takes to get into a top school, today

Free Workshop Reveals How to "10X" Odds of Admission to Your "Dream College"...and How to Pay "Wholesale" Prices...

Even if You Think "No Way - Families Like Ours NEVER Qualify for Anything!

Hewlett-Woodmere, Manhasset, Herricks HS, Syosset, Harborfields, Northport, Dix Hills, Bronx Science HS (and more on the way)

Dear Fellow Parent
Things have changed a wee bit since we applied to college, wouldn't you say?
Even if the shenanigans by Lori, Felicity and those knucklehead parents in Chicago who "downsized" their kids never happened, things would still be pretty, pretty rough:

  • Student debt passed the 1.6 Trillion mark in 2019
  • 50% of college graduates STILL don't have a job that requires a degree...wait for it...TWO YEARS after graduation
  • Admissions rates at top colleges continue to plummet into the single digits
Where do you turn for help?  
Guidance counselors?   Guess again.  The average ratio of student to counselor is 400:1.   Most of 'em are too busy to help with the college process, and NONE is trained in the nuances of the financial aid system.
Accountants/CPAs?  Probably not.  They're too overwhelmed, trying to keep up with the massively overhauled IRS rules and regs that they cannot afford the time to master the 1,100 plus pages of regs that comprise the financial aid system.
Your "Financial Guy?"  Doubt it. Most of these guys work on commission, so they make money only when they sell you a product, like a 529, which might do more harm than good.
For these reasons, you're invited to attend one of our upcoming Financial Aid, Merit Aid and College Admissions "Secrets" workshops. 
The schedule is posted right here on this page. Topics include:
  • The surprising reason why an expensive private college could cost less than a "cheaper" state university
  • The 529 College Savings Plan:  "Friend" or "Foe?"
  • How to Get Into Harvard, Stanford, Duke and other "Dream Schools" without lying, photoshopping or facing federal indictment [Case studies]
  • How to negotiate an extra $30,022 - per year - from a college after a stingy award [case studies]
  • The shocking truth about how much GPA and ACT/SAT scores count in the overall admissions decision
  • 4.5 legal and ethical "loopholes" buried in the financial aid forms that could save you thousands...even tens of thousands!
  • How your child's application can stand out in a "Sea of Sameness" where 5,000 plus competitor-applicants have the same grades and standardized test scores
  • WARNING:  Did your accountant or "Financial Guy" tell you where to save for college?  Watch out!  They may have SABOTAGED your eligibility!
  • The strange reason your college list looks the same as the lists of 95% of the students at your high school...and how this could hurt your chances of College Success
  • Business owners - the deadliest mistake they make and how to avoid it
  • Tips for divorced and/or separated families
  • The 100% legal way to get out of a "binding" Early Decision Agreement that you will NEVER hear from your guidance counselor (this is shocking to many parents)
  • More, including your questions!

There is nothing to buy and no awkward "informercial" or timeshare presentation-esque pressure to hire the speaker.

However, the information to be presented is based on Lockwood's 19+ years in the trenches, advising families on choosing colleges, maximizing their odds of admission and obtaining scholarships and financial aid. 

In other words, it is not theoretical. 

At times, it may directly contradict what you have heard from other parents or guidance counselors, and has been described as "brutally candid" and "politically incorrect," so the easily offended might want to take a pass on this opportunity.  Consider yourself warned!

Space is strictly limited and these events frequently "sell out."  Register today so you don't miss out on this valuable information!
Questions or issues with registering or anything else?  Email or call help@lockwoodcollegeprep or 516-882-5464.